One of the greatest concerns of men which has started going bald is whether or not females will nonetheless see them appealing.

One of the greatest concerns of men which has started going bald is whether or not females will nonetheless see them appealing.

There are folks that declare your own hairline makes no difference regarding getting ladies, along with other people that say it does matter, A WHOLE LOT.

Just browsing online, one can find many different (and stunning) perspective within this make a difference:

As we discussed, men and women have solid and polarizing suggestions within the issue.

But there’s never been A STRICT, MEDICAL research to actually experiment these states!

Hence, we chose to determine whether serious hair loss truly impacts the chance with girls with a careful, data-driven test.

We were going to look for an expedient and effective way of gathering information from a huge number of female, therefore we thought to utilize the notorious online dating sites application Tinder.

Before you continue reading – you will need to guess what the conclusion on this try things out am!

(When you finally achieve the finish for this report you will find if perhaps you were appropriate.)

The Test

friendzoned after dating

All of us begun by producing two profiles of the exact same guy – the exact same pics, the exact same biography, etc.

while – one account have a full head of hair, whilst the more is going bald.

(The chap would be balding during the initial group of photos, and we photoshopped him to construct the account with all the complete head of hair)

Most people placed almost every diverse belonging to the pages constant except the hairlines in order for we could truly look at the consequence from the various hairlines, without other variables influencing the information.

Here are the Tinder profiles to truly see the difference in hairlines:

And here you can find the appropriate photo close up for getting another deeper appearance of the hairlines:

When the users are put a nd ready, all of us modified the controls to present females within an age groups of 18-30 and a realistic mileage of 15 miles.

Most people decided on that age range mainly because it symbolize the majority of females on Tinder, plus we all need ladies which were additional picky as far as looks (as elderly ladies are likely to prioritize various other qualities).

Then we all have hectic swiping!

All of our focus ended up being arrive at 10’000 swipes per account across 10 towns and cities, making it 1000 swipes per city. With 10’000 swipes, the Scottsdale backpage escort facts would-be statistically significant to attract a great bottom line.

Most of us was able to «drive» to every one of these different locations if you use a Tinder Gold subscription, permitting north america to alter the venue to wherever you wished.

Each account experienced a different number of 10 urban centers to avoid misunderstandings among ladies around in the users are exactly the same (excluding the hair).

But all of us swiped in the same countries or very similar ones to receive the a lot of accurate facts possible (example Birmingham vs. Paris, Moscow vs. Saint Petersburg).

Most of us remained in each urban area for a day to gather many meets while we would, consequently managed to move on to another location one of the identify.

Furthermore, we swiped right on every visibility we found to really make the research just as regular that you can.

Selectively swiping would’ve contributed to inconsistent and distorted records since range values such as for instance appeal is often rather subjective.

Each accommodate all of us had gotten, all of us waited one week to ascertain if your ex would trigger a conversation.

When they didn’t starting a discussion with the seven-day period, we’d trigger the dialogue yourself with a fundamental «Hi».

Most of us then lingered another one week afterwards to find out if they would reply.


After reading through the higher procedure for many 20 locations (10 for any account), most people had the procedure of accumulating the same amount of information because we could.

Most people relied the amount of suits, discussions initiated by ladies, and replies to discussions started by north america.

You next stopped working the data by account and area.

Ultimately we all categorized everything in on a clean and organized style.

The following is a fast summary of our studies and a couple pie music charts expressing the primary features through the data we gathered: